Church Organist/Pianist

Church Organist/Pianist Job Description Principal Function: The Church Organist/Pianist is responsible for organ and piano accompaniment for scheduled worship services and special services in support of the music ministry of the Pilgrim Church United Church of Christ. Job Description: This position is a part-time, year-round position. Participation is expected at the traditional and blended Sunday worship services, rehearsals with the traditional choir and other special musical accompaniments, and other special services, including (but not limited to) Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Easter. The organist/pianist may be asked to provide services for funerals, memorial services, and weddings with additional compensation. Job Requirements: 1. Must be a disciple of Jesus Christ dedicated to personal and communal spiritual growth. Must possess a commitment to maintaining healthy faith life consisting of the spiritual disciplines of prayer, scripture study, worship participation, and Christian service. 2. Dependable, punctual, flexible, and self-motivated. 3. Ability to take direction and work as a team member. Must be able to communicate well and in a friendly, respectful manner with other church leaders, church choir members, other musicians, and members of the congregation. Must possess or be willing to develop good conflict resolution skills. 4. Possess a basic theological understanding of Christian Worship theory and the liturgical calendar. 5. Proficient at playing the organ and/or piano, preferably in a Christian worship service, and able to sufficiently read music to accompany choirs and individuals. 6. Knowledge of basic music theory and ability to perform simple transpositions. 7. Flexibility to play in traditional and blended style services that include diverse styles of worship music. 8. Competent at hymn, song, and anthem accompaniments. Ability to sight read and improvise is ideal. 9. Willingness to rehearse sufficiently to maintain a high quality of music. 10. Participation in traditional as well as blended services that include diverse styles of worship music.

Pay: $12-15 hour, based on experience

How to Apply: Email resume to

Requirements: Responsibilities: 1. Maintain a Christ-honoring Spirit within the church, creating an environment that encourages unity in our diversity as we gather to praise, worship, and serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 2. Attend staff and worship planning meetings. 3. Support the church’s worship environment through the well-prepared execution of music. 4. Serve as accompanist for the Sanctuary Choir in regular and special rehearsals and performances as assigned. 5. Help facilitate congregational singing and worship through the excellent execution of hymns and other songs. 6. Participate in rehearsals and performances with other players. 7. Collaborate with the Music Director to plan, select, and prepare preludes, postludes, and offertories, according to the needs of the worship services. 8. Serve as accompanist for other choirs, ensembles, and soloists, when needed. 9. Play for weddings and funerals, as requested (and upon availability), being permitted to receive additional compensation from the parties involved. 10. Maintain an accurate account of organ and piano needs and maintenance. Notify the Senior Pastor and church council of any concerns or repairs needed. 11. Assist the Minister of Music in finding a substitute for Sundays when not available.