2019-2020 Open Enrollment


  • Please note that the only individuals who have to complete a reassignment for the controlled open enrollment window are those parents/guardians who want their child to attend a school other than their assigned geographic school for the 2019-20 school year. It is important to note that reassignments (in-county and out-of-county) are active until the student reaches the highest grade level at their current location (pre-kindergarten reassignments are active until the end of their Pre-K Level, elementary reassignments are active until the end of 5th grade, middle school reassignments are in effect until the end of 8th grade and high school reassignments are good until the end of 12th grade).

    The only parents/guardians who need to complete a reassignment for the 2019/20 school year are:

    1. Those who wish for their child to attend a different school location (other than their geo-school) for the 2019-20 school year (assuming that they are not currently on reassignment).

    2. Parents whose child is making a transition to the next level (pre-k to elementary to middle to high) to a school outside their geographic zone.

    3. Students who live in a neighboring county must complete a “CCPS Out of County Reassignment Form” when looking to change to a new school within Charlotte County. Once that form has been completed, the student will be allowed to remain at their school until the end of the highest grade level offered at that school. Out-of-County students no longer need to get a “release” from their county of residence.

    4. The “sending” and “receiving” principals are not required to sign the reassignment form during the controlled open enrollment process.

     Here is the link for 2019-20 Controlled Open Enrollment: Open Enrollment