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Charlotte County, FL – November 9, 2023 Charlotte County Public Schools is thrilled to announce the outstanding educators who have been selected as the School-Based Winners for Teacher and Support Employee of the Year. These remarkable individuals represent the dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence that Charlotte County educators embody.


"Charlotte County Public Schools is proud to honor these extraordinary educators who have demonstrated excellence in teaching and have had a significant positive influence on their students and our community," said Mark Vianello, Superintendent of Charlotte County Public Schools.


The following educators have been recognized for their exceptional contributions to the field of education in our district:


School                                            Teacher                                                         Support Employee


Baker Center

Claudia Nicolosi

Courtney Litchfield

Charlotte Harbor Center School

Kelly Bradley

Bridget Bloom-Scherber

Charlotte High

Tara Cain

Sandra Cuddy

Charlotte Technical College

Travis Sabadin

Mary Tabri

Deep Creek Elementary

Jeni Freitas

Mary Crawford

East Elementary

Susan (Sue) Theriault

Jeff Smith

Florida SouthWestern Collegiate

Greg Winkler

Bobbie Jo Thibault

Kingsway Elementary

Nicole (Nicky) Clark

William Hough

L. A. Ainger Middle

Lemon Bay High

Liberty Elementary

Jennifer Harris

Judith (Paige) Beamesderfer

Jennifer Flynn

William Tingle

Joanne Coughlan

Gina Pennybacker

Meadow Park Elementary

Kimberly Amann

Ashley Ermisch

Murdock Middle

Frank Santamaria

Sue Smith

Myakka River Elementary

Linda Willis

Catherine Schwarz

Neil Armstrong Elementary

Melissa Bailey

Mejonna Ward

Peace River Elementary

Doreen Alvarez

Chelsia James

Port Charlotte High

Cassandra Ordmandy

Krista Platt

Port Charlotte Middle

Punta Gorda Middle

Ramona Robinson

Diane Combs

James Hamilton

Penny Ortolano

Sallie Jones Elementary

Nancy Dillon

Amy Toth

Vineland Elementary

Denese Boling

Nannette Russo

  The Academy                                      Zuzana Lukackova                              Christina Kowalski



These teachers have been chosen by their peers and students for their exemplary teaching skills, innovative approaches to education, and their profound impact on students' lives.


The next step for these outstanding educators will be to compete for the district-level Teacher of the Year award, with the potential to represent Charlotte County at the state level.


We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the School-Based Winners for Teacher of the Year and wish them the best of luck in their journey towards the district-level recognition. Teacher and Support Employee of the year winners will be announced at the January 19th, 2024 Golden Apple Award Ceremony at Holy Trinity Event Center beginning at 6:00 pm.


For more information or media inquiries, please contact Claudette Smith at 941-391-1915 or




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