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As educators, we hope all of our children grow into happy, healthy, and productive citizens who are successful at making this world a better place. Recently, our children have witnessed tensions involving injustice that threaten the very way of life we wish for them.  I am confident of our students’ ability to recognize the need to move beyond caring about injustice only in those moments when injustice happens to them.  As educators, we must invest in seeking solutions that continue to build and maintain a community we are proud to have our children inherit. 

It is an honor to serve as the Superintendent of Charlotte County Public Schools because I live and work in a community that I know will do what is right; we will embrace every child, we will strive to end all forms of racism, and we will always have the courage to admit when we must do better.

I have great faith in our children.  I have no doubt that this generation will lead our society back to what we all hope for in this world.  Our children will absolutely lead the way.

As Always, Stay Safe.

Steve Dionisio, Superintendent