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Champ's Cafe offers free meals curbside this summer at 4 schools.

Curbside Serving Locations

Free lunch and free breakfast food for the next morning is offered to all children, 18 and under, at 4 school sites from 10 AM to 12:30 PM, curbside at 4 schools, starting Monday, June 1st.  Curbside service will be offered 10 AM to 1 PM through May 28th.  This curbside meal service for children will continue throughout the summer until further notice.  There will be no food service on the holiday, Memorial Day, 5/25/20.  

The child must be present to receive these 2 meals each weekday.  Meals can be picked up and eaten off premises.

Champ's Cafe will not be monitoring food allergies.  Parents who have children with food allergies are fully responsible to ensure that their child does not consume food that will cause them to be sick.

The 4 locations for free meals are:  

Punta Gorda Middle, Peace River Elementary, Neil Armstrong Elementary, LA Ainger Middle kitchen area.


As a reminder to all families, to apply for food stamps, also known as SNAP, go to Florida.  If your family qualifies for food stamps, your child will automatically qualify for free breakfast and free lunch at school.   This is especially important if your child will attend Lemon Bay High or Charlotte High this August where families must apply for meal benefits unlike our other 18 schools where all children eat for free with no application needed.  If your Tarpon or Manta family has experienced a change in income these last few weeks, I want to invite you to apply for free or reduced-price meal benefits now.


If your family qualifies, upon our return to school in August, your student would either receive a free breakfast and free lunch each day at Champ's Cafe, or a reduced-price breakfast for just 30¢ and lunch for only 40¢ for the first 30 days of school until you apply again for the new school year.  We begin receiving new meal benefit applications on July 1st.


Please go online to and enter the current gross income for each family member living in your household to submit your application.   


You will be notified if your child qualifies for meal benefits.  

If you have any questions, please call the Champ's Cafe office at 941-575-5400 ext. 109.