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Charlotte High Principal Cathy Corsaletti receives International Society of Key Women Educator's Leader in Education Award

Our chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma established the Leader in Education Award, an annual award that highlights a woman in Charlotte County who has served in a leadership capacity at the level of a school principal, school board member, or district administration official.  This recognition compares with a business or industry CEO who has responsibility for managing people, finances, facilities and services in the area of education.  Many of us remember a time when women were not part of the leadership of any school, district level administration, or school board, so we’d like to celebrate the success of a woman in our county who has risen to one of those levels, one who exemplifies leadership qualities that we admire.  

Because not all of our guests today are familiar with our district’s education system, we will give you some facts about one leader and her school, in particular.

We have chosen to recognize the current principal of Charlotte High School, one of the four public high schools in our county.  Our honoree leads Charlotte County’s flagship high school with an approximate population of nearly 1900 students and a faculty and staff of more than 160.  Charlotte High, with grade levels 9-12, is known for excellence in academics and extracurricular activities. 

Built in 1926, Charlotte High is known as Charlotte County’s “First and Finest”, with colors of blue and gold and a boxing-gloved Tarpon as its mascot. 

The famous Silver King tarpon, according to the CHS website, exemplifies tenacity, survivability and majesty.

More than 400 students graduated from CHS in 2019.  Charlotte High acquires students from Punta Gorda Middle and Port Charlotte Middle Schools.   Charlotte High School’s mission is “Be a Learner, Be a Leader, Be a Tarpon”!!        

Today we are honoring Cathy Corsaletti,  a resident of Charlotte County for 34 years. 


After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Central Connecticut State and teaching math to middle schoolers in Connecticut, Cathy arrived in Charlotte County in 1986 as a middle school math teacher at Port Charlotte Middle School. 

She became a dean, an assistant principal, and was appointed as principal of Punta Gorda Middle School in 2006.  In 2014, she was appointed principal of Charlotte High School where she is the current principal.

A teacher who has worked for Cathy states, “she’s extremely organized and has a structured strategy for all of the projects and programs of her school”.  

Another stated, “she’s a student -oriented administrator and is interested in the well-being of every student under her care.” Yet another says, “Cathy is a great communicator; and “did and perhaps still does end her announcements to the schools’ population advising them to “Make it a great day or not, the choice is always yours!”


She was recently awarded the Dave Gayler Leadership Award of 2019, in recognition of her leadership within our school district.  The Dave Gayler Leadership Award, named for the Superintendent of our schools during and after 2004’s Hurricane Charley,

Dr. Gayler was a leader who gained national attention for his handling of a school district’s plight of having serious damage to a majority of the district’s schools, including the fact that 6 of the district’s 21 schools were destroyed. 

Dr. Gayler promoted the ideals of the “7 Habits of Effective Leaders” by Steven Covey, including Thinking Win-Win and Beginning with the End in Mind.  Dr. Gayler described a leader as one who is modest and not afraid to confront the brutal facts.  He said that a leader listens very well, gives credit to others for success, and takes blame when things don’t go well. 

The Dave Gayler Leadership Award is an exceptionally prestigious one because Cathy was selected by her peer colleagues for exemplifying those qualities.

In addition to all of her professional accomplishments, Cathy is married to Art Corsaletti, a teacher in our county, and is the mother of Jeff, Gina, and Lisa.

We are honored to have this outstanding principal and educational leader of Charlotte High School with us today, along with some of those teachers who have been her support along her path.   Here to present Cathy’s award is our 2nd vice president, Maria Metge.

Please join us in honoring the recipient of our 2020 Leader in Education Award, Cathy Corsaletti.