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PCHS's Robert Johnson Selected for the University of Chicago's Outstanding Educator Award

Mr. Lou Long

Port Charlotte High school

18200 Cochran Blvd.

Pt. Charlotte, Fl. 33948-1979


This distinguished award has existed for more than three decades.  Each year, we invite entering first year students to nominate an educator who has influenced them, challenged them,or helped them along the path towards intellectual growth. We receive letters back from hundreds of students, inspired by teachers who have changed the course of their lives, who taught them to re-imagine texts to delve deeper into problem-solving, and to think beyond the borders of the classroom in the pursuit of their own education.

As an institution that prides itself on being committed to the Life of the Mind, we at the University of Chicago are heartened to see that your school fosters and supports such outstanding individuals.

Our sincerest congratulations to both you and your faculty for the continued support of excellence.

We hope that you will share this with your community!



James G. Nondorf

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid

The University of Chicago