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A New School Year

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year. 

Charlotte County Schools and their students have been back for a few weeks now.  I am certain the 2019-20 school year is going to be outstanding and filled with incredible accomplishments.  As we begin this school year, I would like to remind you of some of the great opportunities you have to be a part of our school system. There are a litany of ways you can support your children and the students of Charlotte County. For example, you can participate in the education of a child by becoming a mentor to a student, attending one of our outstanding musicals, volunteering to read to a kindergarten class, cheering at a Friday night football game, joining  a school’s SAC or PTO committee, and celebrating the accomplishments of students at a honor roll ceremony. The list of ways is endless, but if you choose to, you can be a huge part of the success the students of Charlotte County Schools continue to have every single day.

As always, Charlotte County Public Schools is not just sitting back and hoping we get better and neither is the Charlotte County Community as evidenced by the passing of the Referendum. Charlotte County Schools’ teachers and leadership teams have spent the summer months dissecting the data from the previous school year, and they are putting that data to great use in strategic planning and school improvement. Charlotte County deserves more than “hope” as a plan; Charlotte County deserves a firm commitment from its school system to do everything within that system’s power to be the best it can be every day.  Charlotte County Public Schools has made the commitment to this community and the community has made the same commitment to the school system. 

Charlotte County however does not just care about testing and rankings.  The overarching goal for a school system and a community is to keep the children safe.  Charlotte County Schools has always prioritized safety as its primary focus and always will. Long before the recent mandates, Charlotte County Schools emphasized school safety and security.  However, we do not rest on those laurels.  Just this year, we have improved upon our already impressive amount of security measures by adding additional security personnel and mental health professionals as well as additional hardscaping measures in an effort to continue to keep our students as safe as possible.

Students, parents, community members, and the school system’s staff all play a crucial role in our future success.  It will no doubt take a team effort to become the #1 ranked district in the state of Florida as well as continuing to keep our student safe.  It is something ALL of us must work at every day to reach our goals. I know ALL of us in Charlotte County are up to the task and will do everything possible to make it happen.  I am excited to be a part of the great things the 2019 – 20 school year will bring and look forward to sharing our successes with you.