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Future World Changers at Liberty Elementary School

Each and every day at Liberty Elementary school we are creating future world changers in our classrooms. We want our students to make the connection between what they are learning in class today and how that knowledge will help them make an impact in the future.  Within our classrooms our teachers are working on problem solving, effective oral and written communication.  Our leadership teams are focusing on ways to support the community now and develop career choices for the future.

            Being able to communicate your ideas and opinions is a cornerstone for making effective and lasting changes. If you are able to defend your opinions with evidence, more people will believe what you are saying.  We are teaching our future world changers how to use information from a text to support your opinion.  This process begins with our youngest students talking about their opinions and progresses to our older students writing their opinions and then defending those opinions with text evidence and elaborating on how the evidence supports their thinking.

            Another important trait that world changers have is the ability to problem solve.  Our fifth grade students recently participated in an invention convention. The goals of this convention is to think critically by identifying problems in the world, to learn about the impact of inventions in our lives, and build entrepreneurial skills by creating real-world solutions.  Each of our students thought of a problem that they encountered in their daily life and then they created an invention to fix the problem.  The students created models of their inventions and then shared their ideas with each other.  We were so impressed with our inventors and know they will use these skills as they grow! 

            Our Liberty Leaders have been busy this year making an impact on our community today while planning for their future. Our Student Leadership Team has been busy this year supporting the Peace River Wildlife Center (PRWC). Our students chose to work with PRWC because they have visited our school multiple times this year to educate Liberty students on Florida’s native wildlife.  Our students have been selling flowers and collecting donations to change the lives of our wildlife. In addition our students have been preparing for their future in many ways. For example, students in third, fourth, and fifth grade attended our annual career fair again this year. We were thrilled to have over fifteen different professions represented this year. At the career fair, students visited the booths that were the most appealing to them. Students were able to take notes about each career including exploring the schooling or training required and learning about the day-to-day activities of the profession. After the career fair, the students wrote a paper explaining what they would like to choose as a career and why it was a good fit for them. 

            Although the future can be hard to plan for because of the rapid advances in technology, providing students with opportunities to problem solve, think creatively, speak clearly and help others are skills that stand the test of time.  We are so excited about the lessons our Liberty Elementary students are learning in their quest to be world changers! We know they will take these skills with them as they continue their education and their careers.