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Distiguished Staff & Students: L. A. Ainger Middle

Our grades 6-8 Cougars continue to distinguish themselves in the 2018-2019 school year at L.A. Ainger Middle.  Dating to last summer, our school continues to build upon the significant boost of momentum we got last summer when we were recognized as an “A” school.  This A grade reflects the combined effort and commitment to excellence in our teachers and our students.  All of us want to re-affirm this commitment as we approach the State of Florida’s student-testing window, soon before us in May.

An important subset of our performance is the continued press for meeting the needs of high achieving math students through the curricular offering of Algebra I and Geometry at Ainger. Seventh and eighth grade students are tackling and succeeding in challenging math coursework, typically reserved for high school students.

No less noteworthy is the continuing success of our STEAM (science, tech, engineering, art, and math) initiative in aquaculture.  Our unique coastal location is a perfect motivator for students to study and immerse themselves in nearby marine life.  Ainger is unique, too, in offering 3-D print classes and information-communication-technology (ICT)-based multi-media certification.  Ainger is in the business of preparing students for cutting-edge skills and knowledge for the world before them. A by-product of these tech-involvements is that two students have advanced to the State level with their Science Fair entries.

More traditionally, but no less tech-based, our school has returned to composing and publishing our school paper.  Students generate and report news of the school, draft and refine their writing.  Cougar television (CTV) provides students with before- and behind-camera work, resulting in a daily, school-news program.

As a group and on an individual-instrumentalist basis, the Cougar band is excelling in ratings in band competitions.  As an extension of our Art classes, several students’ art entries have won recognition at numerous competitions.  A number of our students undertake book studies in our Ainger Book Club.  Still others are involved in Student Government, while additional students serve our community through the Cougar Cares Club. 

On the co-curricular front, many, many Ainger students are participating in intramural basketball, volleyball, cross-country running, flag football, floor hockey, softball, and soccer.  Interscholastically, committed and skilled athletes represent our school in boys’ and girls’ basketball teams, girls’ volleyball, wrestling, and track.

With staunch support of our teachers, students and families, our PTO sponsored and shaped our annual golf tourney, attracting 19 teams and raising in excess of $10,000 for our school!  This event succeeded largely because our local merchants and business-owners demonstrate strong support for Ainger initiatives.

Our community can be justifiably proud of its school.  Ainger’s staff members define, shape, and deliver daily exceptional learning, guidance, and leadership to students as they undertake their classes and as they participate in after-school opportunities.  If you have questions of our staff or our school leaders, please feel free to contact us: our doors are always open.