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Where's the bus?

Mornings are hectic and sometimes stressful as you get ready for work and prepare your kids for
school. Add to that a late bus, or a bus that’s so early you don’t even realize it’s come and gone.
Are you tired of wondering when the school bus is going to arrive? Where’s the Bus® is a
school bus tracking app that is revolutionizing morning routines for parents and students by
giving them real-time bus location and alerts to get them to the bus stop on time. No more
standing in the sweltering heat, freezing cold, or pouring rain, wondering where the school bus is
and when it will arrive. And no more being late for or missing the bus all-together.

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, don’t worry. You can still reap the benefits of the
Where’s the Bus® ( website on a laptop or desktop computer.
Choose Parents, and setup an account.



Select the pull-down menu and select Charlotte County (FL). Enter your students school ID
number and birthdate. You can also enter the other students in your household using the same
login. It’s that simple. No codes to remember.
The Where’s the Bus® tracking app that is also FREE in the App Store and Google
Play. If you’re ready to simplify your mornings and get a little peace of mind at the same time,
simply download the app, create a secure account, add your students and you’re all set! What
can it do for you?
• Show the real-time location of your child’s bus on a map
• Give scheduled and actual arrival times at home and school for AM, Mid-day, and PM
• Provide push and email alerts when the bus is near or when the bus has been substituted
What are you waiting for? Download “Where’s The Bus” and start today!

“Where’s the Bus®”

With Where’s the Bus®, you won’t have to wonder where your child’s bus is.
You’ll KNOW!
From your computer go to:
2. Click on on the left hand side to setup an account. Read the
fine print directions on the web-page.
3. Use the drop down menu to select “Charlotte County (FL)”
4. Enter your information.
5. Enter your student’s information and student ID number. If you have other
students in the household you can enter them using the same logon.
6. Confirm these are your students and you’re ready to go!!
Parents are allowed to create an account only if they can validate their student’s
information. The suggested validation method is to prompt a parent for the
student’s birth date and student ID #. If the information entered does not match the
Transportation student ridership database, the parent will not be able to create an

Where’s the Bus® is a registered trademark of TripSpark™ Technologies is a
business name and operating division of Trapeze Software ULC.


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