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Dear Parent / Guardian,

This letter contains important information regarding the Focus Parent Portal that is available to you to assist you in monitoring your student's progress in school by providing timely access to both assignments and grades that are entered by the teacher throughout the grading period.

This communication tool will improve your ability to assist your child and to communicate with the teacher if necessary. 

If you already have a Focus Parent Portal account, you are all set for the upcoming school year. If you forgot your Password, please click on the forgot password link on the initial login page

of the link below. Please remember usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

If you do not have an account set up, please follow the steps below to create your Focus Parent account.

To create a parent portal account, please go to the following URL

Once you have opened this page, you will have three options to choose from to set up your Focus Parent Portal account.

If you have any questions or further assistance please contact your child’s school.

Using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your Internet browser gives FOCUS Parent Portal software optimal functionality.

Focus Set Up InfContact our school if you need your child's ID and PIN.  941-255-7590