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Bus Fire Heroes

people posing for a picture holding awards

This group of people both Charlotte County Public School employees and neighborhood residents jumped into action as Heroes and assisted in evacuating students from a school bus that had just left Charlotte Harbor Center and caught on fire, bursting into flames.

The reality of this situation is that these Heroes saved the lives of the 14 children who were on that bus.

From L to R:

Transportation Director Tony Conte,

Angelica Romero, Assisted unloading the children and opened her home to them until a substitute bus arrived.

Arlene Romero, Called 911 and Supervised students safely inside home.

Danielle Anderson, wife of Chuck Valente, a hero who is not in the photo, assisted with unloading/supervising students.

Bus Driver Vincent "Vinny" Adamo, several times ran through flames carrying students off of the bus.

Lisa Downs, ESE Bus Aide, also showed bravery as she helped evacuate students to safety off of the bus.

Thank you to our brave and determined Heroes.