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MS Office on 5 Devices-FREE!

Email Directions Sent Out by Chris Bress
Hello all,
As a feature of our Microsoft contract we have received a new benefit for our employees and for any of our students that have a email account.  (Students can only have accounts if they have returned a signed permission slip to your front office.  My department does not send out these permission slips.  You can get them directly from your school.)
Starting right away you now have the right to install a full copy of Microsoft Office on up to 5 different devices that you use for FREE (Merry Christmas!!! ).  These five devices can be Windows computers, Mac Computers, or iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones.  The copies of Office that you install will remain active for as long as you have an email account with Charlotte County Public Schools.
Attached you will find a flyer that will walk you through the process.  It is important that you follow the steps and start by going to if you are an employee.  This link is for all EMPLOYEES not just for teachers.  You will need to provide your address and check to see if you are eligible.  In reality all of our employees are eligible this is simply the process that Microsoft is using to assign a license to your email address.  Once you have done this follow the rest of the instructions and you will be good to go. 
If you have students that have addresses they can do this as well.  However, their link is a little different.  Please send them to and then they can follow the on screen instructions as well. 
Finally anyone that downloads Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote to their iPad's or iPhones can also activate them right on their devices by logging in using their school email address.
Good luck, and I hope that many of you can take advantage of this opportunity.