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PaPa Patrol

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             Vineland Elementary is proud to host a new Family Engagement Program, PaPa Patrol! PaPa Patrol is made up of father, grandfathers, uncle and other father-figures.  This volunteers commit at least one-hour per week throughout the schoolyear to assist students, faculty and staff.  Volunteers engage in activities such as reading with students in the classroom, structured physical activities during PE, eating lunch with students, watching the school enterances and hallways, assisting with traffic flow during parent Pick-up and Drop-off and any other assigned  activities where they activity engage with students.

          The purpose of implementing this program is for students to gain positive male role-models, as well as to have an extra set of eyes and ears on campus.  Through this program, volunteers make a postive impact on our students academic performance, self esteem, and social behavior.

         If you're interested in becoming a part of Vineland's PaPa Patrol program and can contribute at least one-hour per week of your time, please email our Family Engagement Team at A member of our Family Engagement Team will be in touch with you regarding scheduling as well as a short orientation in order to prepare for the upcoming school year.

          Vineland looks forward to another year of this great program and having more positive male role-models on campus. Thank you for your continued support of our school community. 


At VINELAND, our motto is:

Leadership: Know the Way, Show the Way.

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