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Good evening, Meadow Park families! This is Mrs. Elek your assistant principal with your welcome back announcements. I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of school! We really enjoyed seeing everyone on Friday night at our Title One Annual Meeting. Hopefully everyone was able to visit their teacher and tour the building a little.

I wanted to remind everyone about our new school hours. We have added 30 minutes of instruction to our school day this year which means our bell times are now 8:20-2:50. Students are allowed on campus beginning at 7:45. Please do not drop them off any earlier because there will not be supervision at our Parent Drop Off or Walker areas until 7:45. Breakfast will be open at that time, however classrooms will not open until 8. All families are welcome to walk their students to class on Monday and Tuesday mornings. By Wednesday morning, we’d like all 1st-5th graders to be walking independently. New Kindergarten families can continue to escort students to class through this Friday.

If your student is a walker, they should be walking to the building and entering our walker gate on the sidewalk. If you are dropping your student off in a car, please use the parent drop off loop in the front of the building. It becomes very unsafe when cars are dropping students off at the walker gate.

Another reminder is about our new security system. Once our school day begins, our school has a single point of entry and that is the front office entrance. If you’re coming for a conference, to have lunch with your child, or for any other reason, please be prepared to show ID when you ring the front doorbell. You will be buzzed into the office where your license will then be scanned into our security system. Please plan to arrive a few minutes early in order to allow for this process.

Our dismissal will begin at 2:50. Please be patient with our staff and students for the first few weeks while everyone learns the ropes. Our lines may be a little later than normal at first, but once everyone gets acclimated to the procedures, I’m sure things will be much smoother.

Those are all of our announcements for right now. I hope everyone has an AMAZING first day. We can’t wait to see you in the morning. Have a great night!