• Music is a Part of Liberty's School Culture...

    Music at Liberty is collaborative, experiential, energetic, and it transcends the events that take place in the music room. At every school event, music sets the pulse and promotes comradery that you can hear, see, and feel. Students encounter instruments within the classroom, but understand how their exploration relates to music globally. Students appreciate patriotic music, and hold a sense of pride as they sing their nation’s anthem and consider its meaning. As you navigate the pages designated to different grades and their musical exploration, you will discover a diverse array of musical launching points that facilitate discovery and critical thinking. Musical instruction at Liberty connects to geography, history, language, visual art, and other classroom subjects with the aim of encouraging students to become well-rounded citizens who appreciate the arts and recognize their impact.


    Every Student is a Musician...

    While some may excel at singing, others may excel with playing an instrument, writing lyrics, clapping patterns, or composing musical excerpts. Everyone is a musician in one way or another, and every student is encouraged to shine in music class. Whether working individually or in groups, creativity is promoted and embraced, as each learner’s expressive capacity is explored, vocally and instrumentally. Students develop their musicianship, and develop a deep sense of ownership to the creative process as they recognize their ability to be singers, songwriters, musicians, dancers, and composers (among other things). Explore the different pages for each grade level to learn more about the musical happenings at Liberty.

Ms. Abigail Lindo

Phone: 941-255-7515 ex. 270


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A. in Music from New College of Florida M.M. in Music Ed. from University of Florida

Ms. Abigail Lindo

Ms. Lindo's Music Mission Statement

Within the LES music room, students are encouraged to strengthen their musical understanding and explore their budding musical ability through writing, singing, playing, listening and dancing to music. Students tackle the role of both composer and musician as they engage in various activities focused on fostering a healthy appreciation for music and good musicianship that will last throughout their lives. Learners are introduced to different technologies, musical instruments, and eras for development and inspiration. They delve into the lives of famed composers and other creative individuals as they deepen their musical knowledge through synergy and independent study.Creativity and imagination are prized, along with respect for all of their fellow musicians as students learn while following the S.T.A.R.S expectations.