ICT Essential Suite  Pixlr Editor  Khan iReady and EduType

    * Important online learning message:   Students, please check Google Classroom to make sure you are seeing and completing assignments for each week.  Be well. 

    Learning Goal:  In a 21st Century learning environment, students will improve academic and technology skills through the use of instructional technology.

    21st Century Skills Include:

    Critical Thinking, Creativity, Teamwork, Communication, Technology, and Self-Direction


    What We Do In Class:

    *The primary focus of our class will be on Multimedia Certification using Google Slides and Pixlr Image Editor.  We will support the core curriculum through Khan Academy, work on keyboarding skills, and get base data using iReady and USA Test Prep as well as prepare for state testing through practice test navagation.  In addition, students will be introduced to 3D Printing and have the opportunity to continue work in all programs during our "Choice" time.  (Educational Game Time will be earned based on Synergy of the class.)


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