Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lokay

Dawn Lokay has been a hard worker for Lemon Bay High School for the last three school years.
Lokay was born in Brooklyn, New York where she spent most of her life. Before moving to Florida to work at Lemon Bay, Lokay worked at Lincoln High School in a secretarial position for one year. Lokay is glad to have chosen to work here because, "I work with the best staff, and the kids are the greatest part of my day. I enjoy talking to them and helping them out."
Outside of school Lokay enjoys reading, decorating and going to the beach. She considers the beach and reading to be very relaxing. Lokay primarily enjoys suspense novels and love stories. Her favorite author is Danielle Steel who also wrote Lokay's favorite book The Vanished. Lokay also enjoys watching movies like The Notebook and Jerry McGuire and uses it as time to spend with her family.
Lokay has two children Joe who is 17 and Jaclyn who is 15, with whom she loves to spend a great deal of her time. She has always been very close to her family, especially her mother. Lokay has always considered her mother her hero. "She always been there for me through thick and thin and still is to this day." Adding to her family are two dogs, Daisy and Chip and a bird named Fred.
Lokay does a fantastic job helping out all of the students and staff here at Lemon Bay.