Computer Systems & Information Technology - Dual

Technician working on network.
  • Computer Systems & Information Technology prepares students for initial employment as computer technicians. Computer technicians maintain, troubleshoot, build, and upgrade computers. The course also teaches networking skills including how to install and maintain a network with an emphasis on network certification. Students will also study Network security, and how to protect computer data. Theory and a “hands-on” approach is used to give the students a well-rounded knowledge of computers. Students earn Advanced Placement credit in this program.


    High school student admittance is based on current academic course history,
    grade point average, FSA scores, attendance record and faculty recommendation.

    CSIT Teaches:

    • Computer Systems Technician
    • Computer Network Technician
    • Computer Networking Specialist
    • Computer Security Technician

    Industry Certifications Offered in this Program


    Workforce Accepted (Non-Articulated):

    • Cisco IT Essentials Certificate

     Next Start Date: August 2021