• Thanks to our community donors, Charlotte Technical College has the capacity to provide students with scholarships that help the student to pursue workforce training programs that will enable career or college placement. This information will assist you to be able to review the requirements and complete the application. 

    Some of our community donors have set requirements for their scholarship; therefore, it is very important to complete all requirements of the application. 

    Preparing to Apply

    • Complete a FREE Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    • Make an appointment with the Financial Aid Counselor to review your SAR (Student Aid Report) which shows each student's Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) and is required for all scholarships.
    • Download the application from the website and type your responses directly on the application. (Click here for the application)
    • Complete a 250-word essay (Typewritten)
    • Have your instructor complete the Letter of Recommendation
    • Submit the typed application, essay and letter of recommendation to the school store office.

    Determination Process

    • Scholarship recipients are selected based upon the specific criteria made by each fund's donor. Scholarship applications are internally vetted for the completion of all required elements. 
    • Every application is reviewed by the CTC Scholarship Committee which consists of College Advisory Board members, Director, Assistant Directors, Financial Aid Counselor, Secondary Career Specialist, Post-Secondary Career Specialist, and Bookkeeper. The Scholarship Committee meets monthly in the first week of each month.
    • Applications selected for Max Farrell Scholarships will be sent to the Charlotte Local Education Foundation (CLEF) for approval. Scholarship applications are placed on their board agenda for approval by the Board of Directors. 

    Notification of Scholarship Awards

    • Recipients of each scholarship will be notified by the CTC Scholarship Committee.

    Payment of Scholarship Awards

    • Payments of scholarships are applied directly to the student's account.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities


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