Technician working on electrical equipment
  • The Electricity program at CTC prepares students for employment or advanced training in the electrical construction industry. Instruction focuses on broad, transferable skills and stresses the understanding of all aspects of the electricity industry including 

    • underlying principles of technology
    • technical and production skills 
    • health, safety, and environmental issues 
    • community issues 
    • labor issues 
    • planning
    • management 
    • finance 

     The course sequence provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards. Students gain relevant technical knowledge and skills proficiency needed to prepare for further education and careers. The program provides competency-based applied learning experiences to develop academic knowledge, technical skills, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, and occupation-specific skills and knowledge related to all aspects of the Architecture and Construction career cluster.  

    Industry Certifications or Accreditation

    Articulated into AAS/AS degrees at any State College in Florida

    • NCCER Level 1 NCCER010
    • NCCER Level 2 NCCER038
    • NCCER Level 3 NCCER039
    • NCCER Level 4 NCCER040


    Complete the High School registration form.

    Program Prerequisite Requirement:

    • 2.0 GPA
    • Good attendance and behavior record

    Electricity Teaches:

    Year 1 

    Electrician Helper 

    300 hours 

    2 credits 

    Year 2 

    Residential Electrician 

    450 hours 

    3 credits 

    Year 3 

    Commercial Electrician 

    450 hours 

    3 credits 


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     Next Start Date: August 12, 2024