Ms. Jeannine Orndorff

Phone: (941) 585-5450 x 1317


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Jeannine Orndorff

Boston, MA. is my original home: I got to Florida as soon as I was able. My years of work have brought me vast experience in many areas, but I have always been involved in teaching. When I was young I taught other people to work with and ride horses. When my oldest daughter was in middle school I ran the town football cheerleading program and coached 2 teams. Throughout the years I have been a 4H leader here in Charlotte county, a Girl Scout leader, a District Commissioner for the United States Pony Club, an after school program teacher, a tutor, and a foster mom. This step was only natural :).

There are three non-negotiable rules in my classroom


 They can put their colognes and perfumes on AFTER they LEAVE MY CLASS. I am allergic, which causes an asthmatic reaction. Please direct your child NOT to put on perfume or cologne before school. They can put    it on AFTER they leave my classroom. Thank you so much for your assistance with this.

2. CLEAR WATER IS THE ONLY THING ALLOWED IN THE CLASSROOM. When crumbs or anything besides water are present the ants come, nobody wants it, LOL.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO PHONES during class unless specifically allowed. Phones will be taken and stay with me until the end of the school day if I see them. Students need to come into the class ready to learn, Snapchat and Instagram are not tools I use in my classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me by email at I will respond within 24 hours!