Employees Rights & Responsibilities

  • Florida Statute 440.185 (2)
    The employee must immediately report his injury/accident to his/her supervisor and have a Notice of Injury completed. This will document that an incident/accident occurred.

    Should you need medical treatment, contact Risk Management for an authorized facility to seek medical attention.

    The employee must keep his/her appointments. If the are not kept you can jeopardize your future benefits. You must be compliant with the treating physician's recommendations.

    You must stay in contact with your supervisor regarding doctor appointments and work status.

    Employees are entitled to indemnity and medical benefits as long as the accident/injury is found to be compensable.

    Florida Statute 440.09(5)
    If you are required to wear safety equipment and elect not to, your benefits could be reduced by 25%.

    Should you have any questions, you can contact the Employee Assistance Office at:

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