Student Accidents

  • The following will occur in the event of a student accident:

    • Parent/Guardian is to be notified whenever there is any degree of injury.
    • The school nurse/designated personnel will assess injury and administer first aid when indicated.
    • Emergency medical personnel are to be called for any indication of serious injury.

    The Student Accident Report (SAR) is a required document for reporting student injuries.

    • The school nurse or designees initiates a computer generated SAR.
    • The school nurse or designees coordinates the completion of the required fields and required signatures on the SAR.
    • The completed /signed original SAR is to be filed at the school/site.
    • The completed SAR (Student Accident Report) is to be saved to your One Drive (SkyDrive) in your schools folder under the Nursing shared folder.

    Student Accident Form for Designated personnel.

    Parent or Legal Guardian is responsible for completing and mailing student accident claim form. Please request a copy of the Student Acident Report, when applicable, from the school administrator/principal and/or the school nurse.

Student Accident Insurance

General Accidents

  • A general accident occurs when a visitor, non-student or non-employee has an accident on Charlotte County School property. The following needs to occur in the event of an accident:

    Contact CCPS Risk Management
    Finance Department
    1445 Education Way
    Port Charlotte, FL 33948
    (941) 255-0808 Ext. 3046
    Fax: (941) 255-7565

    You are encouraged to contact the Charlotte County School District Risk Management Department when you have questions or concerns.