Workers Compensation

  • All injuries that occur while you are working for the Charlotte County School District need to be reported to your supervisor immediately. Workers' comp insurance may not pay the medical bills if you don't report your injury promptly to your employer.

    The administrative staff at all schools and sites have the appropriate forms for completion and will require your signature. He or she will be able to answer most questions, however, if you still have concerns about your claim contact Risk Management at 941-255-0808 Ext. 2013 or the Direct Line: 941-559-1812


    Note: Report of Accident Forms are required to be completed even if you choose to not receive medical attention.

Workers Compensation Claims Carrier

  • Florida School Boards Insurance Trust Logo Florida School Boards Insurance Trust
    800 North Calhoun Street
    Tallahassee, Florida 32303
    Phone: (877) 245-1680