Title I: Part A - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does each school plan their Title I Program?

    The School Improvement Plan lists activities designed to improve student performance and improve the quality of instructional services that support student learning. Schools do a comprehensive needs assessment that considers student performance data, historical trends, and other important factors that affect the achievement of various student groups. A planning team made up of teachers, parents, and an administrator use this process to identify academic needs of students and prioritize services to assist students not yet meeting Florida's academic proficiency standards.

    Parent Involvement

    Educational research demonstrates that students have higher academic achievement when their parents are involved in their education. There are many ways that parents can be involved in the education of their children. Just a few of them include:

    • Reading to or with your child daily
    • Using shopping trips as opportunities to discuss budgeting, practice math facts, and help make them savvy consumers
    • Helping your children see connections between what they are learning in school and real world applications
    • Attending school events, such as: The Family Reading Experience (book checkout), School Advisory Council (SAC) and Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) meetings, curriculum nights, concerts, plays and athletic events.

    To learn more about ways to become involved in the education of your child, or to read more about the research, visit the Florida Partnership in Education Center website

    How do schools qualify to receive Title I funds?

    Each year the school district ranks schools based on the percentage of students receiving free and reduced price lunch at each school. The district is required to serve schools above the 75% level unless the school receives an equal or greater amount of supplemental funds from other federal or state funding sources. Currently all 10 elementary schools, Port Charlotte and Murdock Middle Schools, and the Academy are Title I schools.

    How can Title I funds be used at the school site?

    Title I funds can be used to:

    • Add more teachers and/or paraprofessionals to assist students in meeting high academic standards.
    • Acquire additional materials for reading, math, writing and science.
    • Provide teachers with additional professional development opportunities that align with student academic content areas.
    • Encourage partnerships among schools and parents.

    Which Schools are Title I Schools?