WELCOME BACK

                                                    I have missed you so very much. I hope you are ready to have some fun and get some exercise. We will be practicing social distancing and wearing our masks to keep each other safe, but we will still be able to participate in games and activities to get our heart racing and our blood pumping. Here are some things you may want to bring outside.

                                        * water bottle ( we will have the water fountain available)

                                        * hat ( if we are out in the field)

                                        * sneakers ( you should wear them everyday, no open toed-shoes or boots)


                                           I will be posting our activities and units each week and a schedule is available under the tab Class Information so you know what day is your PE day. It will be the same each week so you should always remember your sneakers and water bottle. 


  • lesson plans Nov 30-Dec 4



    This week 2nd-5th will be learning the game Ramp Shot. They will be using hand-eye coordination to toss and catch a ball or have it land in a net to score points. Each person in the group has a job, tosser, catcher, stealer and extra. They score 3 points if it lands in the net and 1 point if their partner can catch it after it bounces off the ramp. The stealer tries to earn an extra toss if they can catch it when it bounces off the front of the ramp. Game is played to 15 points then they will play a new team.


    K-1  Using the ramps, the students will work on their hand-eye coordination by tossing and catching the balls. They will be able to roll the balls into the net or try and bounce the ball. Their partner will work on catching the ball in the air or by letting it bounce and catch. Each student tosses 2 times then switch jobs. After 5 minutes find another partner to play with. Work on stepping with the opposite foot and using their dominant hand. 


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  • Discipline Plans

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