Thank you to everyone who donated to the American Heart Association. We raised $3,000.00 🥰 that is amazing! Thank you gifts will hopefully be arriving before spring break.


                                                                                       Kids Heart Challenge



  • lesson plans Feb 22- March 12




    Tennis ( my favorite few weeks) we will be learning the sport of tennis the next few weeks with some pickleball at the end. Students will be learning the parts of a racket, scoring and how to hit a forehand and backhand. We will participate in mini tennis and pickleball games with nets and practice volleying and rallying while playing singles and doubles. 


    students will be learning the parts of a racket and how to use hand-eye coordination while hitting a ball. They will be thrown a ball and work on hitting it over the net. The last week they will work with a partner and try to rally or volley a ball over the net. 


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  • Discipline Plans

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