WELCOME BACK

                                                    I have missed you so very much. I hope you are ready to have some fun and get some exercise. We will be practicing social distancing and wearing our masks to keep each other safe, but we will still be able to participate in games and activities to get our heart racing and our blood pumping. Here are some things you may want to bring outside.

                                        * water bottle ( we will have the water fountain available)

                                        * hat ( if we are out in the field)

                                        * sneakers ( you should wear them everyday, no open toed-shoes or boots)


                                           I will be posting our activities and units each week and a schedule is available under the tab Class Information so you know what day is your PE day. It will be the same each week so you should always remember your sneakers and water bottle. 


  • lesson plans Sept 21-25


    Students will review rules and procedures. We will do a warm up lap around the bus loop walking or running and pratice locomotor skills while playing Freeze Dance game to music. Work on skipping and galloping. Students will complete a relay race using the locomotor skills.  (K)- students will be working on learning the ABCs, this week the letters M-Z. With movement cards students will make their bodies into the letters, do a movement to remember the letter and practice the sounds. Then play simon says to work on following directions and then use the locomotor skills to play a relay game. 2nd grade will continue the Pac-man game from last week.


    Students will run/walk a lap for warm-up. This week students will be introduced to fitness tesing and the PACER running test. We will discuss goal setting and how to pace themselves during the test. They will run a 20 meter course and each time they do 7 laps the pace gets faster. We will record the scores and make a goal to acheive by the end of the year.  Students will then finish the  Pacman game from last week using locomotor skills to evade a tagger and strategy to win the game. 

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  • Discipline Plans

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