Living Within Our Values Award Recipients

  • April Winner

    Brett Hoffman  

    Nominated by Assistant Principal Michael Henry of Lemon Bay High School

    Mr. Hoffman often connects our community and ties it to the classroom. For example, a community member reached out to Mr. Hoffman, asking if the school would be able to prepare over 2,000 strawberries for their upcoming community event. Mr. Hoffman organized his ServSafe-certified students and incorporated this project into a lesson. This was a great way for our students to practice and improve their culinary skills while helping our community. He has participated in community cook-offs where he has the students prep and organize for events that serve well over 200 people and produce products. Mr. Hoffman consistently goes above and beyond to bridge the gap between our school and the community, fostering a strong sense of partnership. His dedication to incorporating real-world projects like strawberry preparation and community cook-offs not only enhances our students' practical skills but also instills in them a deep sense of civic responsibility. Under his guidance, students not only learn culinary techniques but also develop invaluable teamwork and leadership skills, preparing them for success beyond the classroom. The success of events organized by Mr. Hoffman, such as the community cook-offs, showcases his exceptional ability to inspire and mobilize both students and community members toward a shared goal. His commitment to providing students with hands-on, meaningful experiences demonstrates his unwavering passion for education and community engagement.