• "Get There Faster"
    Earn an Industry Certification and your GED®

    If you are enrolled in the Adult Career Center's GED® program, you could be eligible to participate in our Integrated Education and Training Program (IET). It is designed to help students go “farther-faster” as they prepare for and obtain a GED® diploma while simultaneously being enrolled in a Charlotte Technical College training program.  IET provides adult learners with a broad range of academic and advising support while earning industry-recognized credentials on a career pathway Interested students must qualify and meet entry requirements.  

    Currently, we offer four Charlotte Technical College certification programs for our Adult Career Center learners. Tuition Scholarships are available for qualified students.

    Attend one of our Virtual Information Sessions to learn more about our IET Programs and schedule an appointment with the Adult Education Program Manager Lee Ann Gunning.    

  • Medical Assisting

    Get your GED® while earning your Medical Assisting certificate!  All in less than a year!  

    Is it a dream of yours to work in the medical field? We can help you get your GED® and a Medical Assisting diploma in only 10 months! 

    The Adult Career Center and Charlotte Technical College can help prepare you for a rewarding career in health care, shaping you to be an integral part of a dynamic, health-centered team. Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared to work in a variety of healthcare settings, performing duties like scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, recording vital signs and medical histories, preparing patients for examination, drawing blood, and more. Join this exciting and growing career field.

    CTC's Medical Assisting program is accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES). Graduates of the program are eligible to take the Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) exam given by the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

    Medical Assisting teaches:

    • Basic Health Care Worker
    • Introduction to Medical Assisting
    • Medical Office Procedures
    • Phlebotomist, MA
    • EKG Aide, MA
    • Clinical Assisting
    • Pharmacology for Medical Assisting
    • Laboratory Procedures
    • Administrative Office Procedures
    • Practicum Experience

    Next Available Medical Assisting Program:

    • Classes Start on July 23, 2024
    • Classes meet M-F from 7:30 am to 2:30 pm
    • Registration Deadline is June 6, 2024
    • Medical Assisting Calendar
  • Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality

    Get your GED® while earning your Certified ServSafe Food Handler certificate!  All in less than a year!

    If you have a passion and respect for food and an eye for business, the Culinary Arts Program is for you. This program will provide you with the necessary knowledge to work, manage, and cook in any modern kitchen. The goal of the Culinary Arts program is to introduce and give practice to students in the areas of basic and advanced food preparation with emphasis on work relations, operational procedures, and nutrition. 

    Students practice the skills for this program by working alongside professional chef instructors in a hands-on environment in Papa G's Café, which serves lunch Monday through Friday on regular school days. Students will be taught professional skills in leadership, supervision, and culinary preparation to obtain successful careers in the hospitality industry. 

    Learn to prepare meals that keep customers coming back! All over the world, culinary professionals are behind the scenes preparing every meal we purchase.

    Next Available Culinary Program:

  • Information Technology

    Get your GED® while earning your CompTIA A+ Industry Certification!  All in less than a year!  

    If you've been considering starting a career in IT, there hasn't ever been a better time to do so. From networking to cyber security, you truly can't go wrong.  Due to the ever-evolving and rapidly growing world of technology, Information Technology (IT) jobs are in high demand. The IT industry offers quick employment, opportunities in every sector, multiple career paths, high salaries, and it's easy to enter this industry in 10 months!

    The Adult Career Center and Charlotte Technical College IET program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and hands-on training they need to pursue a rewarding, entry-level career in technology. As a computer and network technician, you will be tasked with setting up, maintaining, and repairing computer systems and networks. The course covers basic computer components, operating systems, computer networks, and basic security concepts.  

    Enterprise Desktop & Mobile Support Technology teaches:

    • Computer Hardware Fundamentals
    • Operating System Fundamentals
    • Advanced Operating Systems
    • Mobile-Security-Domain Environment Fundamentals
    • Desktop Support Technician
    • Network Fundamentals
    • Network Technician

    Next Available Enterprise Desktop & Mobile Support Technology Program:


  • Paraprofessional

    Get your GED® while earning your Paraprofessional Certification!

    Have you ever thought about becoming an educator? Paraprofessionals work with children individually or in small groups by providing basic instruction on reading, writing, math, and other education related activities as assigned by teachers' directions. 

    As a paraprofessional, your primary role will be to provide support, both in and out of the classroom, to students requiring instructional, behavioral, and/or physical assistance. Other day-to-day tasks associated with a paraprofessional position include: Reinforcing learning for students that need extra help.

    The Adult Career Center, working with Charlotte Technical Center, can provide the necessary training required to qualify you to pass the ParaPro test. The program consists of three micro-credentials adult students complete over the course of 10 weeks. 

    Paraprofessional Skills and Qualifications:

    • Excellent written and verbal communication.
    • Ability to assist in classroom instruction and learning.
    • Ability to work closely with children.
    • Excellent teamwork skills.
    • The ability to remain calm and patient at all times.
    • Knowledge of classroom subjects.

    Paraprofessionals are a crucial part of education in the school system. While a para is not a certified teacher, it’s still a credentialed education professional that works alongside educators in the classroom. For those of you interested in pursuing a career in special education services, becoming a paraprofessional is an excellent choice. Let us help you get prepared to pass the state assessment!

    If you would like to learn more about this opportunity, please click the "Get Information" button below.