2022 - 2023 Professional Standards

  • Download and Print a Copy of these directions here

    All Permanent/full time staff AND Substitutes must complete the (16) tasks listed below to equal 5 hours of Professional Development by 9/15/22.


    Task #1. Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect (60 min)

    (Must be done by September 15)

    After clicking on the link that was provided in email to you, you will see the message below. If you are a new user, please click on the “New User” tab and create an account. If you see that you have previously taken the course before, you can sign in using the email and password that you originally created your account with and start the course.  Once you have signed in, click on “Retake Course”, do NOT click on “View Course”, as this will take you to the class previously taken the prior year and not give you credit for taking the class for the current year.

    Welcome to the one-hour course, Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect. This course is for teachers of grades kindergarten through 12, and it satisfies the requirement specified section 1012.98(12) of the Florida Statutes (F.S.).


    Requirement for finishing all 10 “Safe Schools” Classes & Acknowledgements is September 15

    Task # 2. CCPS Active Assailant (24 min)

    Task # 3. Blood borne Pathogen Exposure Prevention (Support Staff 22 min)

    Task # 4. Severe Bleeding Response (14 min)

    Task # 5. Health Emergencies Overview (22 min)

    Task # 6. Civil Rights in Food Service (Frontline Staff 16 min)

    Task # 7. General Ethics in the Workplace (20 min)

    Task # 8. Title IX Mandatory Reporting (27 min)

    Task # 9. Discrimination Awareness (22 min)

    Task # 10. Cybersecurity Overview (15 min)

    Task # 11. Health Overview: Seizures (27 min)

    Task # 12 Equity Handbook Acknowledgment

    Task # 13. Address/Phone Update

    Task # 14. Emergency Contact Update

    Task # 15. Principles of Professional Conduct

    Task # 16 CCPS Active Assailant Acknowledgment


    In order to be paid for your 5 hours of Professional Development you must …

    1. Complete all 5 hours of online classes.
    2. Submit printed certificates of completion to manager. (Employee to keep a copy for their records)
    3. Submit Timecard with “Professional Standards classes” typed in the Remarks section. (Manager to send certs to T2 and wait for approval from T2 to add Extra Time to timecard.)
    4. Central Office will upload completion certificates into Employee Records for each individual employee.

    Printing Certificates

    Employees can sign into any computer (with or without a printer attached) and do any or all of the 16 tasks along with the tests that come with the actual courses. Once you are done with all the tasks, you can then sign back in on a computer that is attached to a printer and print all 11 certificates at once.