Degrees and Certifications:

B.S English Education University of South Florida

Mr. Rudi Wolfahrt

Hello Tarpons! Welcome to Drama! It is my hope that students will have an engaging and enriching school year. 

This is my first year at CHS. Previously, I taught theatre at Punta Gorda Middle School. 

I'm looking forward to an exciting new school ye


Use the links to explore theatre courses. Regarding supplies all students need a composition book, spiral notebook, or Drama Folder with paper for any written assignments, notes, journaling or reflection. 


Remind Class Codes:

Period 1: @d332cb9afa

Period 2: @k62ba848dc

Period 3: @4ff66fcd88

Period 5: @3a3kfe98h3

Period 6: (Theatre 2 Students): @433ga74c8a

Period 6: (Theatre 3 Honors): @7kbadbg6ae

Period 6: (Theatre 4 Honors): @e94d8g92fc

Period 7: (Tech Theatre 1): @4ghe649ggh

Period 7: (Tech Theatre 2): @kkd4gchhed

Period 7: (Tech Theatre 3): @fkedb828fe

Period 7: (Tech Theatre 4): @k67g6g92e3