COVID-19 Dashboard

  • Please note only schools with reported positive cases of COVID-19 for students/staff will appear on the date(s) selected. If you are unable to find your child's school that means no reported positive cases of COVID-19 were received.

    All reported positive cases of COVID-19 are relayed to the Department of Health for investigation.

    Due to federal HIPAA regulations, the names and identifiable information of students and staff members will not be released to protect the confidentiality of those individuals.

    Reported cases include testing conducted by parents/guardians with "at-home" Covid-19 test kits.

    Your student's health and well being is our top priority. We will continue to be proactive to ensure the safety of all students, parents, and staff.

    Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • If you would like to search for COVID-19 cases outside the 5 day range please click the arrow to show the next page.