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    Vineland Elementary School

    Compact for Success 2020-2021

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     Principal Agreement:

    • Maintain a positive school culture with student success in academics and leadership as our vision and mission.
    • Monitor our progress toward school improvement goals, grade-level goals, and adjust our practices based on what is observed.
    • Have high expectations for myself, students, and staff.
    • Provide an environment that fosters a positive partnership between home and school.
    • Be prompt and positive in communicating school information.
    • Work collaboratively with our students, their families, and all school staff.
    • Keep balance in my life.
    • Listen, learn, lead, and empower others to use their voices based on a shared vision.


    Teacher Agreement:

    It is my responsibility to ensure student success.

    • Maintain a positive classroom atmosphere that fosters student success in academics and leadership.
    • Use differentiated activities in the classroom to ensure academic success and aide students in achieving grade-level goals.
    • Use data to effectively drive my instruction.
    • Provide necessary data and assistance to parents so they can help with student learning.
    • Be prompt and positive in communicating student information.
    • Work collaboratively with my students, their families, faculty, and all school staff.
    • Keep balance in my life.
    • Facilitate productive conversations among peers, families, and students to inspire learning.


    Student Agreement:

    I am a leader and I will do the following:

    • Arrive on campus dressed in my VES uniform, prepared and ready to learn.
    • Complete all classwork and return all homework assignments on due dates to work toward meeting grade-level goals.
    • Work to the best of my ability and attend school all day, every day.
    • Follow school and classroom rules at all times.
    • Listen and communicate in an appropriate manner.
    • Work cooperatively with other students, my parents, my teachers, and all school staff.
    • Eat healthy, get enough sleep, and take time to exercise every day.
    • Communicate in a way that demonstrates my potential and worth.


    Parent/Guardian Agreement:

    I want my child to achieve.  Therefore, I will do the following to foster my child’s academic and leadership success:

    • Ensure my child’s regular attendance for the entire school day from 8:40AM—3:10PM, unless they are sick.
    • Make sure my child comes to school in the VES uniform, prepared, and ready to learn so that students can focus on working toward their grade-level goals.
    • Provide current emergency information, including address and phone number changes.
    • Commit to literacy by reading to or with my child every weekday.
    • Support the school in its efforts to maintain high academic and leadership standards along with appropriate behavioral expectations.
    • Encourage my child’s efforts and participate in parent-teacher conferences and family involvement activities, when possible.
    • Establish a time for and assist with homework, then provide time for play.
    • Set aside a time each day to communicate with my child in regard to their entire being (body, mind, heart, and spirit).


     Academic Grade Level Goals:

    Kindergarten & First Grade Students:

    • I will read or be read to nightly and practice my sight words daily.
    • I will practice counting numbers using a number chart as well as my addition and subtraction facts.


    Second & Third Grade Students:

    • I will read each night and take an AR test when I complete my book.
    • I will practice my math facts daily.


    Fourth & Fifth Grade Students:

    • I will read each night and take an AR test when I complete my book.
    • I will practice my multiplication and division facts daily.