• Dear East Elementary Families,

     By now you should have had the opportunity to speak with your child’s teacher to discuss their plans and expectations for your child’s E-learning experience. Your child’s teacher will be available for questions through Remind or email each day. Available under the E-Learning tab on our website are login instructions for your child’s Classlink launchpad to use iReady, MyON, and USA Test Prep (gr. 3-5 only). Please have your child log in and ensure they have access to the programs listed on our website. Please notify your child’s classroom teacher if your child was unable to log in to all programs.

     On Monday, March 30th , your child will need to complete the iReady math and reading diagnostic to set their individual instructional learning path. It will be available automatically when they first login. Please allow ample time for this assessment and provide your child with breaks as needed. Students should spend no more than 40 minutes at each setting, and the test can be continued the following day. Children must complete this assessment independently, as it will create an individual learning path based on their individual needs. Please make sure your child has paper and pencil to do the math and encourage them to work out the problems. It is very important to monitor but not assist this process so the student lessons will be of the correct difficulty for their learning path.

     Each week your child will need to:

    1. Complete 180 minutes of iReady reading

    2. Complete 180 minutes of iReady math

    3. Complete 10 videos and quick checks on USA Test Prep Science (Gr. 3-5 students only)

    4. Read using the large assortment of books on MyON and take a comprehension check on AR for the books they complete.

     Your child’s teacher will be monitoring your child’s progress and will notify you if your child is falling behind in completing the assigned work. The teacher may request to speak to your child to encourage him or her to take the work seriously.

    Lastly, for additional Math practice, your child should login to Reflex to practice math facts each day. We know this may be a difficult time for our East families. If you need any additional assistance, please reach out. We will do our best to support your child throughout the e-learning experience.



    Dr. Lori Carr, Principal

    Mrs. Kim Blondun, Assistant Principal