Ms. Lucinda Rempala

Phone: 941.575.5450


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lucinda Rempala

The most effective way to reach me is through the Remind platform.  If you are not already part of the Remind group, please do the following to join: Please text the message @grademe2020 to the phone number 81010,  and this will join you to our group. 

Also, I can be reached via email at

I recommend that you do not leave a voice mail on my phone at school as we are not required to be at school during this time. Please reach out to me by email or Remind. 

Chromebooks have been assigned to all students who responded to the technology survey requesting one. For those parents who did not complete the survey (couldn’t access it, didn’t ever get the call, etc), Chromebooks were assigned to those students as well. A call will go out on Thursday with pick-up information; however, in case you do not get that call either, pick-up will be happening on Friday.

If you would like daily or weekly progress reports of your child's online progress from Edgenuity, please send me a Remind text or email with the following information:
Your name
Your email address
Your child's name
There are two parts to the parent portal. If you set up your portal with the activation code, you will be able to set up an account and log in to your children's Edgenuity accounts and see more details. The second part is a daily (or weekly if you prefer) PDF progress report will be sent to you. There is a color coded progress monitoring bar in Edgenuity that will tell you if your child is on target. 
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you as we navigate through this online learning together.
Please make sure you and your child have join all of the Senior Reminds:
Mrs. Smith (anything to do with Senior activities/graduation) text @Tarpon2020 to 81010
Mrs. Eyster (anything to do with after high school planning and scholarships) text @cncready20 to 81010
Ms. Rempala (everything else) @gradme2020 to 81010