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Degrees and Certifications:

English 6-12 Temporary Cert. MSW, BSW

About Ms. Declet

My name is Betsy Declet and I teach Language Arts (8th Grade) and Intensive Reading (6th & 8th Grade). I also teach an ELL support class (6th-8th Grade). I am a Charlotte County Public School Alumni, having gone to PCMS and PCHS. I started working at PCMS in 2015 as a Title 1 Paraprofessional. I left in 2016 to finish a bachelor's degree in social work. I spent an additional 2 years pursuing a master's degree in social work and working at a social service educational program. I decided to come back home to PCMS and am excited to empower young minds.

My social work education has taught me the importance of valuing people for who they are-- people. My teaching approach is that of empowerment and growth mindset. I believe that if we can reframe our setbacks as struggles within the learning process instead of failures, we can then grow. I also believe that a classroom should be a judgment-free, safe space where students can help guide the learning process. With my social work foundation and educational roots, I am confident that we can achieve our goals to not only rock the FSA but encourage a desire for life-long learning. 

I am a huge supporter of parent/teacher communication. I am aware that students are away from home for nearly seven hours a day, five days a week, therefore the school is a second home for them. For this reason, communication between both the parents and the teachers can help set the students up for success.

My official office hours are Mondays-Fridays from 10am-2pm. You can contact me via:

- Email: Betsy.declet@yourcharlotteschools.net

-Google Voice: 941-882-0801 (call or text)

-Remind (download the app on your phone)

- Google Classroom


Feel free to reach out to me should you have any questions.



Ms. Declet
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