• 7th Grade Mathematics          Course Syllabus                                       

    Ms. Patch                                  Punta Gorda Middle School     2019 - 2020        

    Course Description:

    In this course, students are studying math concepts as outlined in the Florida Standards for 7th grade mathematics.  It is a continuation of, but also a progression from, pre-algebra concepts begun in previous grades.  This includes the study of:

    • Number System... add, subtract, multiply, and divide integers, fractions, decimals
    • Equations and Expressions... find equivalent expressions, solve equations and inequalities
    • Ratios and Proportional Relationships... unit rates, analyze proportional relationships, scale drawings, proportional relationships involving percents
    • Geometry... angles formed by parallel lines and transversals, solve for an unknown angle in a figure, scale drawings, circle measurements, constructing triangles, area, volume and surface area of three dimensional figures
    • Statistics and Probability... Probability of simple and compound events, populations and samples, making predictions

    Our textbook is McGraw Education: Florida Math, Course 2, Volumes 1 and 2.

    Students are given a consumable textbook, in which they will write.  It should stay in the student's backpack and be brought to class each day.   An online link to the text can be found as an icon (McGraw Hill ConnectEd) on your ClassLink launchpad.

    Classroom Expectations:

    Act in a manner that allows the teacher to teach and the students, including you, to learn.

    Be prepared, be respectful, be responsible, be attentive, and try.


    Students will be given a verbal warning regarding unacceptable classroom behavior.  If poor behavior continues, the student will receive a discipline form from the teacher to be signed by a parent or guardian and returned the following day.  If the form is not returned the next day, the student will be sent to the school's Dean in charge of behavior.


    Student grades will be calculated as a percentage based upon points earned out of total points possible.  A variety of assignments will contribute towards this grade such as homework, class work, quizzes, tests, projects and activities.

    The district's grading scale is as follows:

    A = 90 - 100%         B = 80 - 89%       C= 70 - 79%      D = 60 - 69%             F = 59% or lower 

    The teacher does not give you a grade.  You receive the grade you EARNED.


    Homework is necessary practice.  Students are often given time to begin the homework in class but may need to finish it after class.  Homework is graded for COMPLETION, meaning the student tried each of the problems and showed the steps taken to solve the problem, not just the answers.  If a student does not understand a problem, it should not be left blank.  Students should try some sort of procedure, even if they are unsure if it is correct.  Draw a picture of the situation or make a diagram with the information.  Give it a try; you may find you are able to figure it out once you get started. Do not just write, "I don't know,"  or  "?." 

    We correct homework together in class and give students a chance to ask questions.

    To receive Full Credit the assignment must be completely done, including showing the steps taken even if you did it in your head.  All problems must show at least a minimal attempt. If you try something and it doesn't seem to work you may stop.  At least you tried!

          Full Work = Full Credit             Partial work = Partial Credit                     No Work = No Credit.

    Late Work Policy:

    In order to receive full credit, assignments must be completed with full work and in class on the due date.                       Work that is one day late = 75% of original grade

                                        2 days late = 50% or original grade

                                        Over 2 days late = 0%


    District policy grants 2 days of make-up time for every 1 day you miss.  Full credit can be earned for work completed within this time frame. If the work is not finished in this time, zero credit will be earned for the assignment.  Students missing a test day will be required to take the make-up test the day they return to school.  Keep your absences to a minimum, as much as possible.  Being in class helps!

    YOU are responsible for finding out what you missed, completing the work, and passing it in to receive credit.  You can do this in several ways.

    • Look on the PGMS website. Each teacher has a webpage where the assignments for that week are listed.
    • Come see me between 8:50 - 9:05 a.m. any morning before the announcements.
    • The week's assignments are posted in class on the back board. Check there.
    • PLEASE DO NOT ASK ME FOR MAKE-UP WORK DURING CLASS. We are all focusing on current work at that time. 

    Recommended Supplies:

    • PENCILS, pencils, and more pencils. Did I mention pencils? :)
    • Pocket Folder
    • Loose Leaf Notebook Paper
    • Basic 4 Function Calculator (We will start using part way through the year.)


    The best way to reach me is via email at alyson.patch@yourcharlotteschools.net.

    I am oftentimes at my desk well after school ends so, if necessary, you can try to reach me by phone between 4:30-5:00.    (941)575-5485 ext. 290

    I am looking forward to a great year with the students of Punta Gorda Middle School.