• Welome!

  • Expectations for the week of 3/30 - 4/3:

    • Prescriptive Test
    • Begin First Lesson


    Please do the best you can.  I know that some of you may be sharing devices, other responsibilities, etc.  If there is anything you would like me to be aware of, please don't hesitate to reach out via Remind or email.

  • Information Regarding Distance Learning (begins 3/30), Communication, and Expectations:


    Please join the appropriate Google Classroom using the codes given below:

    6th Grade: pmrrhlq

    7th Grade: pq34w5u

    8th Grade: c2z5ujv

    The majority of online work will be found on Edgenuity, which can be found through Classlink, but directions for it, as well as additional assignments, can be found on Google Classroom. 


    My office hours are Monday - Friday, from 9am to 1pm, or by appoinment.  If you need to get in touch with me outside the 9-1 hours, just message me and we can make an appoinment. I ask that you limit phone calls through Remind to the hours of 9am to 1pm unless we've made prior arrangements, but please feel free to send me text messages through Remind and/or emails at any time. 


    I am available on Remind for phone calls and text messages, so please make sure you are signed up so we can communicate.  Remind allows us to communicate, but it does so without showing our true phone numbers.  If I contact you, the number that comes up will not have a 941 area code.  

    Here are the class codes for Remind:

    Period 1: 2gad8c4ghb

    Period 2: cgb963kb7b

    Period 4: d686eb2232

    Period 5: 363kk9kf9k

    Period 6: 6g9fac976e

    Period 7: 8f9b7g8cb3

    Also, you can email me at nicole.miller@yourcharlotteschools.net. If you are emailing through Focus, I cannot always reply because not every student has a return email address.


    Work done on Edgenuity counts as a grade.  I will be updating Focus weekly to reflect the Edgenuity grade.

    If you would like some supplemental work right now to keep you engaged, please log on to your online textbook or Moby Max, or read a book you have in your possession.  If you choose the online textbook, read a story of your choosing and complete the questions.  Post your answers on our Google Classroom.  If you choose Moby Max, pick between Literature or Informational Text.  Once you complete a lesson, summarize what you've learned in 2-3 complete sentences and post it on Google Classroom. If you read a book, please posta summary in your own words in our Google Classroom. 

    Email me or contact me through Remind if you choose to do any of these options.  I will regard it as extra credit and give you the points on Focus for Quarter 4.


    Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Edgenuity:

    • You will be taking a prescriptive test first.  PLEASE try your best and do not cheat, as it will affect what your coursework. You have up to 3 hous to complete this, and it will consist of 25-29 questions.
    • You should be taking notes as you go through each lesson.
    • You must pass each section quiz with at least a 60% to move on to next section.
    • Assignments are graded.
    • I can see all your work.
    • Not only can I see when you log in and how long you're online, but I can also see "idle time" - this is time that you're not engaged with the material.
    • All work done through Edgenuity is graded and will be recorded on Focus.


    I miss you all and I hope you are well!