Mr. Rodriguez
  • Meet Mr. Rodriguez

    Hello! I'm Jonathan Rodríguez the S.T.E.M teacher for Vineland Elementary. S.T.E.M stands for "Science, Technology, Engineering and Math" for me they all mean fun! I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I moved to Florida in 2017 and shortly after started teaching Math and Science at elementary level. I fell in love with being a teacher and here I am! I have Business Degree and 3 teaching certification from Florida Department of Education. I'm also a Certified Personal Finance Counselor, for couple of years I was teaching kids about finances in Puerto Rico schools. I have a passion for Technology and Food. I like to read books about business, finance and self-improvement. Reach me at:




    Hello Parents and Students!

    This week I posted some STEM Challenges! You will need to pick just ONE of the challenges and make it happen. They all involve creativity and some materials that you might already have around your house. If you are proud of your creation please send me an email with pictures or even a video. Remember to have fun! Feel free to contact me via email: 

     Here the challenges for Week April 6th - 10th: