• Art for Everyone! All Grades, all ages, Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Grandma… 😊

    Welcome to Week 2 of E- Learning -ART w/Mrs.Cotton

    Ok Some of you may be getting a little bored-

    So lets remember you can still get outside!

    The weather is perfect, and Sun is shining… So let’s try doing an artwork made from nature! Search for some objects from nature, like: sticks, leaves, branches, flowers, moss, bark etc… "MADE FROM NATURE"- WORD CHALLENGE ! :) How many can we do? 

    Think of a word: HOPE- LOVE- PEACE- FAITH-KINDNESS-SHARING, any word that makes you smile. (SMILE, HAPPY) Then use your found natural objects to create a inspiring word! Just the act of doing it, made me smile. Have Fun, and I want you to know, all my Art Show art pieces will be mounted and ready when ever you are. Can't say if or ever the Art shows will happen but I will think of some way to shoW them off! A Virtual Art Show perhaps... Take Care, and keep those pictures coming!  Sincerly, Mrs. Cotton ( Wk 2)

    Art for All

    Welcome Students and Families to VES- Instructional Continuity Plan


    My hope is we will all be back to our normal lives soon, but that may take some time. In the meantime I have some really exciting and fun art lessons I hope you all try. There are instructional video's and photos of the finish product to help you along . All my creative geniuses will love these lessons!

    If you have any questions please e-mail me at valerie.cotton@yourcharlotteschools.net. My working hours are officially 9-1 yet I will be checking for emails and even my phone for pictures of completed art work. Show off your art assignments on VES face book, or send directly to me and I will post them! Love all of you and hope to see you before the year is over. 

             Stay Safe and show others that you care ... Send letters the (OLD FASHION) way with pictures and good wishes... Send me pictures of your finished art work, I can't wait to see them!! My address: 820 Ohio ave. Englewood Fl. 34223 ( send me a letter and your art work).


    Art for Everyone



                               Mrs. Cotton