• The purpose of Crisis Response to a traumatic event (such as the death of a student or staff member or natural disaster) is to provide immediate support and assistance to those in need, while re-establishing normalcy in the school as quickly as possible.​ (SB Policy #8410 & #8410.01)


    • Assessment & coordination of immediate crisis intervention services needed
    • Classroom defusion for students & staff​​
    • Individual crisis intervention
    • Group crisis intervention​​
    • Referrals to community resources​​
    • Ongoing support counseling services for days following event​​
    • Follow-up consultation


    The School Social Worker typically is the identified team leader at the school site and works with the school administration team to coordinate all activities including planning and follow up. Additional team members providing direct services include school social workers, school counselors and school psychologists. The team responsibilities are as follows:

    • Meet to develop a plan of action​​
    • Provide support and guidance to students and staff
    • Communicate with identified team leader​​
    • Meet at end of day to debrief and plan for subsequent days

     When the crisis response team is activated at a school site, the parents of students who received individual and/or group counseling are notified by letter or phone call.