• "Success Academy" is an innovative and creative initiative to engage "Emotional Behavior Disorder" students to experience "out of the box" academic and social success through inventive methods. The goal is to infuse technology, flexible grouping, and "hands-on" activities as well as formulate partnerships with surrpounding schools and community members. Additionally, students will have individualized and tailor-made schedules that will adhere to "all" academic requirements as well as prodive individual incentives to inspire stuents for short and long-term success. Furthermore, the goal of this initiative is to streamline positive and productive behavior by providing short term and long term individualized incentives in order to promote desired and outlined expectations.

  • Mission: To provide non-traditional and creative academic and social experiences in order to promote, inspire, and mold students for life-long success.

  • Partnerships

    Port Charlotte High School

    Charlotte Technical Center