April and May Honorees

  • The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County award ceremony was held on Thursday, April 1, 2021 at the Military Heritage Museum. The following students were honored: 

    Ford Gainvors, Deep Creek Elementary School, Grade 4

    Ford was honored for his kindness.  He is fond of his elderly neighbor and is always worried about him getting to the store for food, so he put together, with his mom’s help, a care package for him.  Thank you, Ford for thinking of others.

    Braydon Laroche, East Elementary School, Grade 5

    Braydon was honored for his successful efforts in raising funds for the American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart program by using social media. Braydon participated in his school’s program and set and met his goal, all while bringing awareness for the importance of healthy hearts. Thank you, Braydon for you thinking of others. 

    Samantha Mahler, Charlotte High School, Grade 11

    Samantha was honored for organizing the SPARK Club drive to collect school supplies to donate to the children impacted by Dorian in the Bahamas. Thank you, Samantha for your kindness in helping others.



    The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County award ceremony was held on Thursday, May 6, 2021 at the Military Heritage Museum. The following students were honored: 

    Addisyn Honore, Neil Armstrong Elementary, Grade 2               
    Addisyn was honored for her demonstration of care, compassion, and bravery during a difficult time when she helped her fellow student who was choking on food in the school’s cafeteria. Addisyn had been trained in CPR and knew just what to do.  Thank you, Addisyn.

    Jullian Iturralde, Charlotte High School, Grade 9,               

    Jullian was honored for doing the right thing.  When he found another student’s wallet with money in it, he quickly turned it in so it could be returned to its rightful owner. Thank you, Jullian. 

    Saniya Lloyd, Peace River Elementary, Grade 5              

    Saniya was honored for being a good friend.  When a peer was threatened by another student, she convinced her to report it to school administration. Thank you, Saniya. 

    Abraham Mills, Sallie Jones Elementary, Grade 1

    Abraham was honored for his quick response and assistance in a time of need.  When his teacher fell and needed assistance, Abraham summoned another teacher for help, then asked another teacher for a bag of ice, and acted respectful and responsible in this situation until the school nurse arrived.  Thank you, Abraham.      

    Ryan Szmigiel, Lemon Bay High School, Grade 9

    Ryan was honored for his kindness.  Even though he has had to overcome health issues, Ryan volunteers at a senior facility and with his upbeat attitude, comedy,  jokes, and talking with the residents, he has made a positive difference.  Thank you, Ryan.


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