Last Month's Honorees

  • The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County awards ceremony was held on Thursday, March 5, 2020 at the Punta Gorda City Council Chambers. The following students were honored:


    Emma Adams, Deep Creek Elementary School, Grade 2

    Emma was honored for her honesty.  Emma found a wallet in her classroom and made the connection that is belonged to a parent who volunteered at the school’s Pumpkin Palooza.  She turned the wallet into her teacher, who returned it to the owner.  Thank you and Good Job, Emma.


    Samantha Interval, Port Charlotte High School, Grade 12

    Samantha was honored for her honesty.  She found $40 cash on the school campus floor without any identification attached.  Samantha turned the money into the office and the rightful owner was found, who happened to be a fellow student who was celebrating a birthday. Thank you Samantha for your integrity and kindness.


    Madison Medeiros, Neil Armstrong Elementary School, Grade 5

    Madison was honored for helping her friend. When Madison learned her friend, a fellow student, was threated (by another student) and afraid, Madison brought her friend, who was afraid, to the School Resource Officer to report the situation. Thank you Madison for assisting your friend in this situation.  


    Mia Muschelli and Dylan Savage, L.A. Ainger Middle School, Grade 8

    Dylan and Mia were recognized for saving a life. They reported to their teacher a fellow student had threatened to commit suicide. The teacher notified the proper authorities, law enforcement intervened, and the student is now getting professional help.  Thank you Mia and Dylan for Doing the Right Thing and reporting this serious incident allowing the student to receive help.


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