Last Month's Honorees

  • The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County awards ceremony was held on Thursday, March 7, 2019, at the Punta Gorda City Council Chambers. The following students were honored.

    Tyler Chapin, Port Charlotte Middle School, Grade 8
    Tyler received two separate nominations for his good deeds. He was recognized for his kindness and generosity in using his own money to purchase 20 turkeys for Port Charlotte Middle School families. The recipients of the turkeys would not have had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner without Tyler’s donation. Tyler was also honored for his leadership. Tyler and other students recently presented to local and state elected officials regarding his strong interest in ending tobacco use where children are at play. Thank you Tyler for going above and beyond and doing what is right.

    Leah Gohl, Charlotte Technical College, Grade 12 and William Ogert, Charlotte Technical College, Grade 12,
    Leah and William was recognized for their selfless actions for assisting a fellow student during an altercation on the school bus. Leah bravely alerted the bus driver and then placed herself directly between the assailant and the female student who was being attacked. William also placed himself as a barrier between the attacker and the student he was attacking. Thank you Leah and William for your calm and selfless actions.

    Broderick Keegan, Neil Armstrong Elementary School Grade 4
    Broderick was recognized for his keen observation skills and knowledge of what to do if there is a suspicious person or incident on campus. Broderick was leaving school in his father’s vehicle when he noticed a man who appeared to have a firearm tucked into his waistband. Broderick informed his father, who alerted the sheriff’s office, and the situation was investigated. Thank you Broderick for doing the right thing to protect our school community.

    Landon Tobolski, Peace River Elementary School, Grade 2
    Landon was recognized for his generosity and caring. Landon made potpourri bags using wood shavings from his dad’s (Marcus) project, which was making a table for Habitat for Humanity. Landon also used his own money to purchase supplies for additional potpourri bags and then sold the bags at the Tender Hearts Partnership. He donated all the money to the Partnership. Landon also volunteers at the Partnership and was named Volunteer of the Year! Thank you Landon for your kind deeds.

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