Last Month's Honorees

  • The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County awards program was held on Thursday, April 4, 2019 at the Punta Gorda City Council Chambers.  The following students were honored:

    Brenden Burch, The Academy, Grade 11,

    Brenden was honored for his efforts for a situation which occurred at his school.   When he overheard there was a report of a car fire in the student parking lot at The Academy, he, without hesitation, ran to a fire extinguisher, grabbed it from the hallway and ran toward the fire in the parking lot. Brenden provided the fire extinguisher to the School Resource Officer who was also on scene and directing responding emergency services. Brenden remained close and continued to offer his assistance, ultimately being utilized to convey messages to staff to have all students/staff return to classrooms. Thank you Brenden for your selfless response in this situation.

    Alyssa Burckley, Port Charlotte High School, Grade 12,

    Alyssa was honored for her resourcefulness and willingness to take action on behalf of others. Alyssa organized a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for Coach Brett Wilder (PCHS), which raised $22,000+ in only 5 days. Alyssa detailed “The Wilder Effect” in the campaign which is Coach Wilder’s strong commitment to PCHS, its students and staff, and about his fight against cancer.  Thank you Alyssa for thinking of and acting on behalf of Coach Wilder and his family during this difficult time.

    Alexander Meyer, Home School, Grade 2

    Alex was honored for doing the right thing.  He recently found a wallet with over $400 cash in it. He insisted on turning the wallet in so that the rightful owner could be found. Alex and his family found the rightful owner and when Alex was offered a thank you gift, he turned it down as making the wallet’s owner happy was enough of a gift.  Thank you Alex for being so honest and honorable.

    Shaelyn Taylor, Port Charlotte High School, Grade 12

    Shaelyn was honor for helping another student during a medical emergency.  When the student experienced a seizure in the classroom, and hitting his head, Shaelyn moved swiftly to help her classmate without hesitation and/or regard for her own safety to apply pressure to the wound until help arrived, therefore preventing further injury. Thank you Shaeyln for your courage, maturity, and intuitiveness for helping a fellow student.

    Colton Zapf, Meadow Park Elementary School, Grade 5

    Colton was honored for doing the right thing.  While in the parking lot of a store, he spotted a woman's purse laying on the ground. He immediately told his mom they needed to turn it in the store, so the rightful owner could be found.  Upon turning it in, he was thanked by the manager for his honesty. Thank you Colton for your honesty and positive actions.

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