Last Month's Honorees

  • The Do the Right Thing of Charlotte County award ceremony was held on Thursday, February 4, 2021 at Military Heritage Museum. The following students were honored:


    Tara White, Neil Armstrong Elementary, Grade 5

    Tara was honored for her honesty.  One afternoon while walking with her dad through the Neil Armstrong Elementary School parking lot, she found a one-hundred-dollar bill blowing in the wind. She turned it into her school resource officer and a teacher. Thank you, Tara, for your honesty.


    Emma Vana, Kingsway Elementary, Grade 4

    Emma was honored for her compassion, love, empathy, grace and love of country to name a few. She has made it her personal mission to ensure all officers and the community knows that the support for law enforcement is as strong as ever.  Emma, along with her family, make wooden flags to present to officers that she encounters in her everyday life. To date she has handed out 245 flags to LEO around the state. Thank you, Emma, for your selfless acts, courage and compassion. 


    Caleb Lawson, Port Charlotte Middle, Grade 7

    Caleb was honored for being brave and helpful. When he was recently at the local dog beach

    with his family, he saw a small dog running in the wooded area on the other side of the tall fence. When he investigated, he saw that the dog owners were an elderly couple and clearly in distress trying to get their dog. Caleb acted bravely by running into the woods, coaxing the dog to him and then he carried the dog to the owners. Thank you, Caleb, for being so brave and helpful.


    Justin McDonald, FloridaSouth Western High and Home Education, Grade 12

    Justin McDonald was honored for humility and generous heart.  Recently, he and another young boy were teamed up in a corn-hole tournament for Emma’s Hope, a non-profit that helps families who have children with cancer. They won the tournament and the $500 that went with it. Without any guidance or urging from adults, Justin decided to give his half back to Emma’s Hope. After explaining his reasons to his much younger partner, the boy followed Justin’s example and gave back his half of the winnings as well. Thank you, Justin, for your generosity.




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