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Mrs. Sarah St. Cloud

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Period 2 - @ebg6389h8f

Period 3 - @e7b733bh4d

Period 4 - @c722h444ae

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Class supply List:

4 pack of dry erase markers (they will keep these in their backpacks)

2- 24 packs of Pencils

1 subject notebook (with math written on the cover)

2 boxes tissue.

wired earbuds (no airpods)

small white-board

Hand held pencil sharpener that traps shavings

8th graders -  TI 30Xa calculator (can be found at walmart or Amazon)


Homework is assigned on a regular basis and is necessary to reinforce the skills taught in class. Homework is graded for completion. Late homework is not accepted (except in the case of student absence).


All grading is based upon a total points system. Parents and students are encouraged to check FOCUS regularly to monitor current grades.

Chapter tests                          100 points

Quizzes                                   50 points

FSA Practice                           20 – 50 points

Homework                              10   points

Classwork                               20 points