Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Debra Morris

Students often ask me how I became a Spanish teacher.  The story starts when I moved to Vancouver, B.C. my senior year of high school.  There, I was required to take a foreign language.  Being that I was a foreigner, they allowed me to choose between French or Spanish.  My dad traveled all over the world due to work because of that, my brother and I had a lot of travel experience.    We traveled to more Spanish speaking countries than French, so of course, I opted to study Spanish.  After graduating from High School in Canada, I enrolled in Carthage College.  It is a smaller school located in Kenosha Wisconsin.  Before the school year started, the guidance department encouraged me to take the Spanish clept test.  With that one year of high school Spanish, I learned enough information to test out of 3 college Spanish classes which valued 15 credits.  In order to get those 15 free credits I needed to take the next Spanish class in the sequence and earn a grade of C or better.  After that, I was hooked.  It was my favorite class and I don't usually have favorties.  

This year I will be teaching the Spanish I and III curriculums.