Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Social Science Education

Mr. Brad Smith

I am starting my 30th year at Charlotte High School.


I teach Digital Design and Communications Technology 2 and 3.

By phone at 941-575-5450:  During the school day, you can leave a message.  The best time to reach me is from 6:40 to 7:00 in the morning. Otherwise, leave a message and I will respond as soon as possible.

All lessons are posted on Canvas.


Classroom Expectation

Course Requirements:  This course is totally online and paper free.  All research is done online and you should use at least 3 unrelated sources for every project.   The topic will be provided as part of the assignment based on the Certification you are seeking.  All work is turned into Canvas and you must present your final project each time.  All forms will be provided to you through Canvas.  You must also use the tutorials for Industry Certification in  Adobe according to your individual learning plan.  You are required to complete practice tests and training online.  Once you score high enough on the G-metrix Practice Tests, we will use Certiport to take the actual Industry Certification test.


Grading:  We use the Grading Rubric which is provided for you and the county Grading Scale of:

90-100  A

80-89    B

70- 79   C

60-69    D

59-0      F

There will be a certain number of assignments required for each quarter, based on the Certification you are working toward.  The assignments will have a due date, where grades will be entered.  If you have not completed and presented that assignment by the due date, 0% will be added to your grade.  There is no work counted as late, but if the required assignments are not in by the end of the quarter, your grade will reflect what has not been completed.  All assignments may be turned in early.

Since this is a Career Class, you are expected to behave in a professional manner and follow all county and school policies and procedures according to the Student Code of Conduct.  We do issue detentions when needed and you will have a week to serve the detention.  Phone will be kept in your bookbag and the bookbag will be kept on the bookbag shelf during class time. 

Supplies: You will need a USB storage device, at least 8 Gig.  A class use a USB can be issued, but it must stay in the classroom.  One will be issued at no charge, but if more are needed there will be a 4 dollar charge.