Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Alexander

For the daily class schedule with assignments, please visit your Canvas site.

With fifteen plus years in Charlotte county, Mr. A teaches Earth Science, Astronomy, and Physics.  His previous experience includes careers as an Oceanographer, Engineer and Physicist; and these were applied in oceanography, semi-conductors and astronomy.

You can contact me at: (941) 575-5480 x 7103


As we will go through many new concepts in this class, you should come prepared.  The following is a list of supplies, rules and the syllabus for each class. 

Classroom supplies:

  • Pen, pencil, straight edge
  • Scientific calculator
  • Journal (lab book)
  • Science notebook (for note taking)

Classroom Rules:

Students will:

  • Be in their seats by the time the bell rings.
  • Not roll the seats around or spin them in class.
  • Be prepared to start the moment the bell rings.
  • Will have already turned off and stored all electronic devices. Once the bell rings, I will not wait for you.  In both subjects, there is a lot of material to cover and little time to cover it.
  • Sit in assigned seats.
  • Not be eating or drinking anything.
  • Be respectful of others.
  • Raise your hand to answer questions.
  • Think win-win

Earth Science
AP Physics
Astronomy Honors

Remember, your learning is a direct result of how prepared you are for...learning.  I look forward to a successful and fun experience !!!

Mr. A