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Bachelor's of Science from Florida SouthWestern State College


Mathematics 5 - 9
Mathematics 6 - 12



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    Parent Info Form

    Please, during the first week of school, fill out the Parent Info Form. You can find the form under my links. If your student is new to my class after the first few weeks of school, please fill out this form ASAP.

    Absent Students

    During the 2023-2024 school year, we will be using Canvas. If your student is absent, please have her/him check Canvas for the work she/he has missed. On each unit's lessons page, I include the agenda for the day, handouts, completed notes, and other instructional materials. Your student will need to check the date(s), he or she missed to see the daily agenda, handouts, completed notes, and other instructional materials.  If your student missed a test or quiz, it is his/her responsibility to make an appointment with me to take it. Students will not take missed assessments in class since they will miss instruction. 

    Math Tutoring

    If your student is struggling with math, here are a few options for tutoring at CHS. 

    Option 1: National Honors Society (Peer Tutoring): Wednesdays in B-120 from 2:10 - 3:00.

    Option 2:
    School Math Tutoring: TBA

    Option 3: Math Tutoring with Me: By Appointment

    Test Make-ups

    I would prefer that students make-up their tests before or after school; however, I can write a pass for the student to take the test during a non-core class. It is the students' responsibility to give the pass to the teacher. It is up to the teacher if the student can come to take the test. If the student can't take the test during school, it will have to be taken before or after school. 

    School Supplies

    • 1" or 1.5" 3 Ring Binder
    • Pencils
    • Color Pencils
    • College Rule Loose-Leaf Paper
    • Low Oder Dry Erase Markers
    • Graph Paper (Mathematics for Data & Financial Literacy)
    • Protractor & Compass (Geometry Only: High Priority on Supplies List)
    • TI-30XA Scientific Calculator (Geometry)/Scientific Calculator or Graphing Calculator (Mathematics for Data & Financial Literacy)

    Required for both Geometry and Mathematics for Data and Financial Literacy
    Required for 
    Geometry only 
    Required for Mathematics for Data and Financial Literacy only


    • Highlighters
    • Ruler
    • Index Cards

    Classroom Expectations

    • Come to class on time and be ready when class starts.
    • Treat your peers, teacher, and yourself with respect.
    • Ask questions if you do not understand what we are learning.
    • Clean up after yourself before you leave the classroom. 
    • Keep movement in the room to a minimum.

    Cell Phones

    Per the new state law, students are not allowed to be on cellular devices during instructional time. Instructional time is when the bell rings to start the class and the second bell reminds the teacher that class is over. When students enter the classroom at the beginning of class, they will put their cell phone in their assigned cell phone lock and turn the key into the tackle box. During the last five minutes of class, I will have the students go up in small groups to get their phones from the phone locker. I am sure with practice we can all adjust to the new expectation. Classroom procedure and expectations will be enforced.

    Classroom Policies


    After the students puts their cell phone in the cell phone locker, they are to grab their assigned Chromebook, log into Canvas, and start the bellwork. They will have about five minutes to complete the bellwork once the bell rings.

    Independent Practice

    Students will have time to work on their independent practice in class. If they do not finish it in class, they will have to complete it at home. Independent practices are due the next day with the exception if it is assigned on Friday, it will be due Monday.

    Assignment Redo Policy

    Mastery is not linear and learning from mistakes or misconception is critical to growing your mathematical toolbox. You are allowed to revise and resubmit your work for any assignment, except District Formative Assessments, to demonstrate improved mastery after your first submission. The procedure will be given in another handout. You’re being forewarned, you must show your work in order for me to update the grade.

    Late Policy

    • For any and all assignments, if you could use a 48 hour extension, it will be granted - no questions asked. However, if those two days are not sufficient for you to complete the assignment, you are required to contact the instructor to discuss a plan for completing the assignment. We will work together to make sure the plan is both reasonable and effective so it supports both your learning and your health.
    • For work submitted past the 48 hour window, without contacting the instructor, the following policy will apply:
      • If you have not previously contacted the instructor, you may not resubmit work that was submitted after the 48 hour grace period (in other words: you will only get one attempt at that assignment).
      • A 10% penalty will be applied. I will accept work through the end of the semester -- I hate giving zeros - please turn in your work, even if it is super late! 
    • If you need an extension, ask, and I will happily grant it.


    The best way to contact me is through Remind.  Below is the class code for each class. I strongly suggest parents and students sign up for Remind. 


    Period 2

    Period 3

    Period 4

    Mathematics for Data & Financial Literacy

    Period 1

    Period 5

    Period 6

    Canvas for Parents

    Click here to view materials on how to sign up for the Canvas Parents' App to monitor your student's progress.