• e-Learning begins Monday March 30th!

    Please click on the e-Learning tab for more information.

    Click on the Lesson Plan Tab under the e-Learning tab for lesson plans each week.


    Please let us know if you have any questions!

  • Dear 3rd Grade Families,

                Thank you in advance for taking the time to speak with us this week. Each day, as a team, will be available from 8:30-12:30 by email and Remind.  Under the e learning tab, you will see links for instructions for your child’s Classlink launchpad to use iReady, MyOn, AR and Science USA Test Prep. Please have your student log in and ensure they have access to the programs listed on the attached document.

    Starting on Monday, March 30th, your child will need to complete the i-Ready Math and Reading Diagnostic to set their instructional path. It will be available automatically when they first login. Please allow ample time for this assessment and provide them with breaks if needed. However, please allow your child to complete this assessment independently as it will create a learning path based on their individual needs. Please make sure they have paper and pencil to do the math.

    Each week your student will need to:

    1. Complete 180 minutes of i-Ready reading 
    2. Complete 180 minutes of -iReady math
    3. Complete 10 videos and quick checks on USA Test Prep Science (each week we will specify which lessons) 
    4. Read using the large assortment of books on MyOn and take a comprehension check on AR for the books they complete. We will be monitoring your child’s progress and would like to see your child read for 100 minutes per week and earn 3 AR points per week. 

    We know this may be a difficult time for our VES families. If you need any additional assistance please reach out. We will do our best to support your child as they continue their education even during these uncertain times.  Thank you for your support!


     😊😊😊 The 3rd Grade Team 😊😊😊